5 Important Things to Know about HTFSE


Skunk is a name that refers to one of the two fractions of a laboratory-extracted full-spectrum extract of cannabis flowers that separates. A full-spectrum extract derived from marijuana has more terpenes than a high-cannabinoid full-spectrum extract component. Terpene levels in full-spectrum extracts typically range between 13% and 40%, depending on the plant material used in the extraction procedure. Due to the consistency of HTFSE, it is occasionally referred to as “sauce.”

1.   HTFSE Has High Terpenes Concentration

High-terpene full-spectrum extracts or HTFSEs refer to full-spectrum extracts with high concentrations. Numerous cannabinoid compounds may be derived from raw cannabis plants. Spectrum cannabinoids are free of waxes, lipids, or other undesirable compounds, such as those produced by the plant’s trichome glands.

2.   HTFSE Is Separated From HCFSE

The technology utilized to extract and isolate high-terpene and high-cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts set them apart. When cured flowers are utilized to produce a full-spectrum extract, the HTFSE and HCFSE fractions separate under certain conditions. HCFSE appears as a sugar or diamond extract, whereas HTFSE takes on the texture of a gritty liquid or sauce. HCFSEs contain approximately 90% THCA, whereas HTFSEs include 50% and 40%, depending on the marijuana type and extraction procedure. THCA decarboxylates into active THC in the presence of heat.

When extracting molecules from plants, it is critical to remember that even if their spectrum is not identical to that of the living plant, they are still considered full spectrum.

3.   HTFSE Can Be A Live Resin

Occasionally, but not usually, the buds are flash-frozen—this aids in the preservation of the plant’s delicate terpenes and, consequently, its unique smells and scents. As a result, fresh frozen flowers are produced instead of dried and cured flowers. Primary extraction can now begin. The concentrate is exposed to low heat, which has the effect of evaporating the solvent used during primary extraction. The heat must be kept low enough to avoid degrading the terpenes.

What about live resin, then? Generally, a high-terpene extract prepared from fresh frozen buds is called living resin. It is not living resin that is made from dried and cured buds.

4.   HTFSE Can Get You High

The potency of HTFSEs is more than enough to induce euphoria. High-terpene extracts have a similarly intoxicating effect to other concentrates: they arrive rapidly and thickly. You will feel a distinct high depending on the strain of cannabis from which your extract is derived.

5.   HTFSE Is Best Consumed By Dabbing

The most popular method of absorbing HTFSEs is by dabbing. Dab rigs are bong-like devices built only for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. Various dab rigs are available online and at numerous head shops.

Dabbing has a few drawbacks, the most noticeable being a relatively time-consuming operation. Most people lack equipment and accessories, and a level of skill is necessary. 

Concentrating overheating is a novice error that can ruin the entire experience. In addition to destroying the flavor of your extract and making cleaning your dab rig more difficult, overheating your concentrates may result in the formation of harmful compounds.

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