Best Cannabis Flowers: Which is Best for You

hand touching cannabis

There are an incredible amount of strains of Cannabis, and each one has its own effects. Some being high in THC, some CBD and some very balanced. Educating yourself surrounding cannabis flowers can help ensure you’re using the one that is best for you. Some cannabis gives a body high, some a brain high, and often both. Understanding cannabis and what you’re using it for is helpful when you buy cannabis flowers online.

Sativa cannabis is a strain that creates an uplifting high. It lifts the mood with a boost of serotonin. This is the one that will have you laughing and smiling for no apparent reason.

Sativa cannabis flower strains:

Grapefruit : created specifically to give a citrus flavor grapefruit is a very popular cannabis flower. It creates feelings of creativity, happiness, and energization. With a THC level up to 25%, this is definitely a great one for those wanting a high in the mind.

Blue Coma: This is an incredible Sativa strain. It’s very well known for treating inflammation like arthritis or chronic pain.

Indica cannabis flower strains:

Indica cannabis strains are helpful for relaxation and rest. A very common strain to help with sleep.

Pink Tuna:  This is a cross between two other strains. Pink Tuna is great for treating insomnia and chronic pain because of its intense relaxation effects.

Death Bubba: This strain is another mix of two cannabis flowers. It is very high in THC and therefore great for that ultimate rest and relaxation for your whole being.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are created by crossing an Indica strain and a Sativa strain, creating a brand new strain with brand new effects. Hybrid strains can be Indica dominant or Sativa dominant, meaning that there is more of that strain present in the new strain.

Banana Punch: This is a fairly balanced hybrid strain. It’s known for its full flavor but incredible effects. A bit different than other strains, the effects sneak up on you rather than be instantaneous. Go slow.

Ghost Bubba: This is an Indica dominant hybrid. Meaning that the most dominant strain is Indica but does contain both so you can expect to feel something from both strains that induces a powerful and intense high in your mind.

Ice Cream Cake: This strain consists of a beautiful creamy flavor that will lift your mood and give you the best relaxation that can be felt through your whole body.

These are all popular cannabis flowers online and can be explored with ease and fun. When you buy cannabis flowers online look at THC levels, CBD levels, and the strain. Sativa strains are more of an uplifting, euphoric feeling, whereas Indica strains are excellent for relaxation in your entire body. Hybrid strains are best for those who want both. A balanced hybrid strain will give you the best of Sativa and Indica at once. Understanding cannabis, and how it can affect you, can be helpful in knowing what to choose.  Check out our many popular strains here.

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