Everything You Need to Know About MoM Dispensaries

We can all acknowledge there is a double standard in society in regards to cannabis consumption. Many of us like to have some fairly regularly, while some others enjoy smoking the occasional joint here and there, and while everyone does it, people still stigmatize the activity. 

As of October 17th, 2018 marijuana consumption became effective via the Cannabis Act. The aim of this is to make cannabis unavailable to people under 18, regulate the production of it, and deprive criminals of obtaining profits from the commercialization of marijuana. Despite all of the advancements reached so far about the matter, both legally and societally, many of us still get that gut feeling that we may be doing something wrong whenever we want to buy cannabis when it should not necessarily be like that.

If you feel this way, it is a given that you will not feel comfortable heading to the nearest shop and getting some grams of the blue coma strain. On top of that, you may want to find a stable, reliable source for your marijuana fix, but don’t know where to go. So what are the options?

If you are one of those people that want to get cannabis but don’t want to go to a shop, mail-order marijuana dispensaries are the way to go. Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about mail-order marijuana (MoM) dispensaries.

What Are Mail-Order Marijuana (MoM) Dispensaries?

A mail-order marijuana dispensary, often shortened and stylized as MoM dispensary, is a virtual marketplace where you can buy different cannabis products. What makes MoM dispensaries so great is that you can get your desired purchases door to door without any type of middleman or link company but your supplier of choice.

Another perk of buying mail-order marijuana is that you can get the weed at your doorstep without having to set foot outside your home. Talk about convenience!

There can also be other reasons why you wouldn’t want to go to an in-person store. Some of them can be health reasons that keep you confined to your house, as well as psychological motives that may keep you within the bounds of your abode. 

Even if you are lucky enough not to face any of these issues, maybe you are short on time or have logistical constraints that make the idea of going to your local dispensary unlikely. Regardless of your personal life status, you still can’t deny the pros of getting mail-order marijuana.

What Can You Find in a MoM Dispensary?

MoM dispensaries offer pretty much what your regular brick-and-mortar store has to offer, with the added benefit that you can look precisely for what you want, minus having to go through countless aisles of articles you don’t require. If you are one of those that are sold on time management and efficiency, MoM is what you want.

One thing you certainly need to take into consideration is that if you are not well acquainted with the different cannabis stock products available in the market, you may run into more than a predicament if you are not sure about what you pretend to buy. Make sure to inform yourself about the different varieties of merchandise at hand, as many companies offer limited return or refund policies, mostly for safety reasons. As long as you have this aspect present in your mind, you are good to have a go at MoM dispensaries.

Do MoM Dispensaries Have Legal Requirements?

Greasy Pink Death Bubba - AAA+According to the CBC, in most states you can obtain cannabis from the minimum age of 19, except for Quebec that is 21, and Alberta, with 18. You need to have this into consideration, as many states have their own sets of rules for this. In regards to the permitted possession of cannabis, each individual that is older than 18 can have up to 30 grams of cannabis in its dried form or its equivalent.

Yet, if you are traveling outside of Canada, you should stay away from carrying it, as bordering countries such as the US have strong policies against personal use. Another thing that you need to be aware of is that driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal.

If you consider these things, buying your products from a MoM dispensary should be no different than buying it from any other run-on-the-mill dispensaries.

Advantages of Buying Mail-Order Marijuana

As you may have guessed beforehand, the benefits of buying mail-order marijuana are numerous. Here we will show you some of them:

The main one to be considered is the mere notion of efficiency, as all the effort input required to buy mail-order marijuana is to access the Internet browser from your private electronic device of choice, search for what you want to buy, make the purchase, and wait for the product to arrive! No traffic jams, no time constraints, no gas money spent. In addition, in some cases, you can receive bonus free shipping for your products.

Another perk of buying mail-order marijuana is that most e-shops are packed with stock, sometimes having even more variety than your average dispensary. You can get anything under the sun you can think of on the Internet nowadays.

Two other notorious upsides are privacy and discretion. When buying mail-order marijuana you do not have to worry about any type of uncomfortable glances, forced small talk, or running into acquaintances that now know about your tastes.

And lastly, one of the most important aspects to consider: safety. Currently, government-authorized marijuana dealers and retailers undergo strict protocols for manipulation and fabrication of cannabis production, which means that you will meet minimum requirements for safety and quality in the acquired goods.

Some Tips for Buying Mail-Order Marijuana 

Here we have for you some additional tips if you wish to venture into the amazing world of mail-order marijuana:

  • Look for trustworthy websites and payment methods (i.e., cryptocurrency, PayPal, etc.)
  • Proven Online references (social media pages, reviews, etc.)
  • Excise stamps on products
  • Following your intuition and common sense!

Mail-order marijuana is a gamechanger. Mail-order marijuana is here to stay. If you desire to get further information about this topic or several others, please visit us at https://salishtrails.co/ to learn more. 


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