Buzzed Shatter

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  • Buzzed Extracts Cannabis Shatter Overview: Highly concentrated form of cannabis that’s akin to the purest part of a chocolate bar.
  • Appearance and Use: Clear, brittle substance similar to honey in consistency; a small amount is used for a powerful effect.
  • Benefits:
    • High Potency: Requires only a small amount for a strong effect.
    • Purity: Offers a clean experience with less inhalation of combustibles.
    • Duration: Effects are long-lasting compared to other forms.
  • Uniqueness: Shatter is purer than buds, oils, or edibles and is made with careful attention to detail.
  • Tips for Beginners:
    • Start Slowly: Use a small amount to begin.
    • Proper Equipment Needed: May require a dab rig for use.
    • Safety First: Use in a safe environment and know your limits.
  • Experience: Can elicit a range of emotions, providing a unique and personal journey.
  • Adventure Call: Described as an experience that heightens senses and emotions, recommended for the adventurous.
  • Cannabinoid Content: High in THC, which interacts strongly with brain receptors.
  • Guaranteed 75-90% THC content.
  • Suitability: Ideal for those seeking a potent and clean cannabis experience but may affect individuals differently.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place to maintain quality.
  • Social Aspect: Enhances social interactions and personal experiences.
  • More than just a product; it’s a pathway to new experiences and connections.
  • 1g pure THC Shatter.
  • Purged of any residual solvents and impurities.
  • Does NOT contain Vitamin E, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT or any other fillers.
  • Wrapped in non-stick terpene sheets.
  • Lab Tested.
  • Shatter can melt in the mail on hot days, especially in the hot metal mailboxes. We do our best to package it with heat resistant packaging and we refuse any responsibility for melted or buddered shatter so please don’t bother asking for any compensation as a result, Please!

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