Fraser Valley Rosin

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  • Fraser Valley Rosin offers pure and potent cannabis concentrates.
  • Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate made through heat and pressure.
  • It preserves cannabinoids and terpenes for exceptional flavor and effects.
  • Rosin is pure, versatile, and beginner-friendly.
  • Fraser Valley Rosin is made in BC, using premium nugs and a solventless process.
  • They offer a variety of strain options, including Pink Kush, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, and Platinum Kush Breath.
  • Rosin is considered the future of solventless concentrates, with innovations on the horizon.
  • Fraser Valley Rosin values quality, purity, and an authentic cannabis experience.
  • Pure pressed at 75 Celsius
  • Processed naturally
  • 1G per unit
  • Great for Vaping, Dabs or lining your Joints
  • Locally sourced

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