Pure Pressure: What’s So Special About Hash Rosin?

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In the world of hashish, and its many derivatives and extracts, hash rosin stands out as a high-end product worthy of its premium value.  

When it comes to the varieties of hash rosin Canada has available to consumers, many retailers and MoM dispensaries stock a large number of different brands and options. So for cannabis users seeking to buy the best hash rosin, knowing a few things about it can be extremely helpful.

At Salishtrails.org, hash rosin is just one of the many high-quality hash-derived products that we stock. So let’s take a look at hash rosin, how it is made, and how to ensure that you get the best rosin available on the market today.   

Medusa Botanicals Hash Rosin – MIX 4What is Hash Rosin?

Hash Rosin is an extremely potent extract of hashish. Rosin is produced without using the usual solvents involved with extracting cannabis products. It has a consistency and appearance similar to many popular extracts, such as shatter and wax, but it is distinguished from these products because the cannabinoid and terpenes contained in the source material are extracted without using chemicals, or solvents such as butane, ethanol, or supercritical carbon dioxide.

All that might sound quite complex. But really, the difference is simple: rosin is pretty much a 100% natural product that is created simply by applying pressure to dried cannabis flowers, kief, dry sift, or bubble hash. The resulting extract is then collected onto a sheet of parchment paper and dried out. That’s it! No chemicals, no solvents. Just the pure and traditional extract of hashish. 

What’s the Difference Between Hash and Rosin?

Wax, shatter, rosin and cannabis oils are all forms of hashish. Hashish itself can be described as simply a pure, unmodified extract of the cannabis plant. Hashish has been consumed as a part of religious ceremonies, and as a recreational drug, for centuries. It is a sticky, dark, semi-solid substance that is made by squeezing and rubbing the trichomes (small outgrowths and appendages) of the cannabis plant. 

Smoke It, Eat It, Drink It

Hash can be smoked in joints, bongs and pipes, and can also be consumed as an edible. Many a good night out has been had by travellers in Asia after drinking a hash lassi (hashish mixed with yogurt). In fact, the smoking of hashish did not become common until after the introduction of tobacco from South America in the 16th century. Prior to that, hashish had always been consumed as an edible.

Pure Pressure

Rosin, on the other hand, is a purer, more refined product of hashish, one that is more suited for use as an additive to a joint, or as an extract perfect for dabbing and vaping.

High-quality hash rosin is typically produced using a specialized piece of laboratory equipment called a rosin press. There are a number of different rosin presses on the market, and although you can produce small amounts of rosin at home using some sort of heated device, like a hair straightener, the really good rosin is always produced under stringent laboratory or factory conditions.

Is Hash Rosin Better Than Shatter?

When it comes to cannabis, hashish, and all of the many, many extracts and derivatives that originate from them, personal choice will always be the main factor in determining your purchase decision. So deciding to use rosin over shatter will depend on what style of smoking that you are into. 

Come Where the Flavour Is

Extracts such as rosin generally have far more flavour than shatter extracts, and yet still provide high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. So although it is the more expensive, rosin is a much better choice for users than shatter.

This is especially true for users seeking cannabis products that have been created without the use of chemicals and/or solvents. In this respect, rosin is a much better choice. Shatter is extracted using various solvents and requires a complex extraction and purging process to remove the last traces of the chemicals used to create it.

The Brittle and the Pliable

Shatter is a stable and glass-like product that is easily damaged or broken, so it needs to be stored and handled with care so you don’t end up wasting any of it. 

Rosin, on the other hand, is softer and more pliable, so it is easy to make into small, useful portions for dabbing, or imbibing in the manner that best suits the user’s situation. 

Why is Hash Rosin so Expensive? 

It goes without saying that if you want the best stuff, you have to pay for it. This is true for pretty much anything: from restaurants to cars. The more you are prepared to pay, the better the quality of the product that you will receive.

Hash rosin is no exception. As a matter of fact, the way that rosin is produced, without the use of chemicals and other solvent-based extraction methods, makes it almost like an artisan product. If you buy your bread from an artisan baker, or your jewellery from an artisan jeweller in a small boutique hidden away on some back street, you’d expect to pay more, right?

And it’s the same with your rosin. As it is produced in small, hand-crafted batches, hash rosin is naturally more expensive because more labour is involved with creating it. It is also worth considering that the final taste of a rosin product will be directly related to the quality of the source material used to make it. 

So if an expensive, high-quality hash is used in the production phase, the resulting rosin will mimic the exact aroma and flavour that the live plant possessed in the final moments before it was harvested. Low-quality hash, as you can imagine, will naturally produce inferior rosin.

So, if rosin is your thing…congratulations on being a consumer with taste and discretion. You will be prepared to pay that little premium for the many benefits that using hash rosin will provide you with. 

Salish Trails

At SalishTrails.org. we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest rosin we can find, and making it available in offerings that provide a range of options tailored for each user. 

Check out our range of rosins by clicking here and feel free to ask our advice about the best rosin product for you. There’s no pressure!





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