The Benefits of THC Distillate

thc distillate

They call it “The Pure”.  

The process of taking the cannabis plant, and distilling the cannabinoids from it, results in an up to 99 percent pure THC concentrate.  It’s the emerging method of extracting potent concentrated CBD and THC from the original plant.  The various processes for achieving it are a little complicated; they include terms such as the Wax and Shatter method, and the Hash method, the Distillation, and Winterization, not to mention Decarboxylation.  

The various methods of achieving the distillate aren’t particularly cheap either, with a lot of the cost having to do with obtaining the expensive equipment and qualified personnel to run it properly.  There’s a lot of science behind it, and for obvious reasons, a lot of quality control requirements.  Nevertheless, the pure THC distillate is said to be revolutionizing the market.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of THC distillate.

Unmatched Purity

You will find no purer form of THC than what is found in the cannabis distillation process.  The result – your dispensary or MoM can supply you, for instance, a tiny syringe containing 1000 mg of pure THC or CBD.  That is a lot of compound packed into a little package.  Lab tested, no fillers, and ready for your preferred form of use.  Along with the high purity, of course, is the high potency.

Tasteless, Scentless

thc distillateDistillate, being pure THC or CBD, has no odour, scent or taste to it.  As such, it is now being used as the base ingredient for most edibles.  It is also used in vape cartridges.  In both these instances, the THC distillate can be either used on its own, or infused by the manufacturer with specific tastes and smells.  So whether your syringe is Blueberry Very, Tangerine Fiend, or Mango Bango, at its core, it will contain THC distillate.  It can, of course, also be used on its own.  Keep in mind its potency when experimenting, say, with your homemade edibles.

Methods of Use

There are many old-school ways you can use distillates, including:

Sublingual – a drop or two under your tongue, and don’t swallow.  The THC will be absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s a bit faster to take effect than swallowing, but a bit slower than inhaling.

Vape Pen – one with a reloadable tank, that will allow liquid extracts.  

Joint, Blunt, Spliff – all you need to do is dab the distillate onto the rolling paper, and presto, instant distillate joint.  Just be advised only a few puffs is all it takes, at this concentration, to get the desired effect.

Pill form – all this means is a solid lump of distillate.  Just put it in your mouth and swallow it.  If you are looking to be discreet, this is a great way to get your THC on without anyone knowing.  There’s no smoke, no scent, no nothing.  The drawback, of course, is the digestion time.  It will be a while before the THC or CBD is absorbed into your system.

Edible – you can mix your THC distillate into just about anything you can eat, or drink. Some of the most popular include butter (“cannabutter”), water, honey, tea – the list goes on and on. Being virtually tasteless, you shouldn’t notice anything but its positive effect.  Edibles, of course, have been around a long time.  This innovation simply makes the range of possibilities for them much, much wider.

Medicinal Use

The process of extracting the desired subcomponents of the cannabis plant into compounds such as THC distillate and CBD distillate has opened up a whole new world of potential medicinal applications for them.  Pharmaceutical companies are well on the way to developing ways to dose them as medication which can be easily digested.  People who currently use other methods of cannabis intake for their desired medicinal effect – addressing maladies such as inflammation, anxiety, pain, etc. – will now have an easy, discreet alternative method to get the relief they seek.  

The extraction processes are complex and not inexpensive, as well as highly controlled, so development will take some time.  But for many, the wait will be worth it.  Distillates in this area show tremendous promise.

Beauty Products – Lotions, Balms and More

There has been a burst of innovation around topicals and cosmetics utilizing cannabis distillates.  Lotions and moisturizers have now been commercialized and are gaining popularity.  Additionally, topical applications, in the form of ointments and balms, have been introduced to the market.  These new products allow users to get the desired effect through the skin, rather than, say, smoking.  The high concentration of THC in the distillate makes this form of intake easy to achieve.

In Summary

The process of distillation is really nothing new.  Humans have been extracting, for example, alcohol out of fruits and vegetables in similar fashion for centuries.  Now that it’s legal, there has been way more incentive to explore cannabis applications of different types.  THC distillate has been one outcome, and it’s going to be a blockbuster.

The door has been thrown wide open in the world of cannabis derived applications and products.  Your local dispensary or MoM outfit will have tons of information on the new stuff made possible through compounds such as THC distillate and its cannabinoid cousins.  Being as concentrated (and potent) as they are, scientists and commercial developers will be limited only by their imaginations as to where the industry and the marketplace will go next.  

Look for new brands, uses, refinements, and more as time goes on.  Happily, as volumes increase, and production costs decrease – the result of economies of scale – there is every likelihood the prices go on a downward trend as well.  It happens with almost every other product which matures and hits its stride in the marketplace.  THC distillate should be no different. Looking for more? Browse our shop today.