The Top Benefits of Magic Mushrooms for Stress

magic mushrooms with rainbow

The term Magic Mushroom, is one that is used to refer to the hallucinogens in the mushroom creating the euphoric experience. The hallucinogens are psilocybin or psilocin. These hallucinogens can create feelings of seeing or hearing things that aren’t actually there, along with potentially anxious, fear feelings as well. 

Magic Mushrooms have been around for centuries, and have been used for an incredibly long time. More recently they have been the result of a lot of research surrounding treating depression, stress, cancer, and end of life. Magic Mushrooms have been known to help addictive patterns, depression (in a long-term way, not just in the moment), and help people quit smoking. Magic Mushrooms can be consumed in various forms including, capsules, gummies, and even chocolate bars.

When you buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada, 1 dose of the psilocybin can result in long-term relief from stress and anxiety. 

Unlike other anti-depressants that take 4-6 weeks to take effect, Magic Mushrooms are quick and long-lasting. There are an incredible number of benefits from Magic Mushrooms, and many doctors say that they will be the go-to anxiety treatment within 5 years.

4 Benefits of Magic Mushrooms That We Need to Talk About

Magic Mushrooms help with depression.

Using Magic Mushrooms has a spiritual component that can help depression symptoms, but also the way the psilocybin interacts with the brain, and how it affects the serotonin receptors impacts the depression. 

Magic Mushrooms can help patients with depression even in a long-term way. It can change the way you perceive information, and therefore it changes the way the information affects you. “Cure” is not a great word to use, we’re not certain you can be cured of depression, but many studies have shown that depression patients go into remission for an extended amount of time, and with proper dosing, can maintain the absence of symptoms. Using capsules such as these, you can properly dose and manage, along with maintaining less stress, and less depressive symptoms.

Having a very similar molecule structure to Serotonin, Magic Mushrooms work in a similar way but with quicker results. Magic Mushrooms also improve neuro-plasticity, and it is believed that Magic Mushrooms reduce activity in the DMN. The DMN is The Default Mode Network, and it’s the system that is responsible for daydreaming, and thoughts. When the DMN becomes overactive, it can lead to over-thinking, increasing anxiety. Taking Magic Mushrooms is a simple way to soothe the anxiety, in a safe and helpful way.

Magic Mushrooms stimulate the growth of new brain cells. The use of Magic Mushrooms stimulates new growth, and one study found that it erases scary memories from mice. (The use of Magic Mushrooms is still very much under study.) Studies like this show a promising future for treating PTSD, OCD, and Anxiety.

Magic Mushrooms help to balance mood and emotions.

How do Magic Mushrooms affect the front cortex in your brain? They help to balance your mood, awaken spirituality potentially, and help your emotions. As you can see, Magic Mushrooms have an incredible number of benefits in the treatment of stress.

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