We Distill Alcohol, So Why Not THC?

Matrix Distillate Syringe Combo Pack

THC distillate is the most potent form available.  Let’s look at distillation to understand this better.

THC distillate is made by a molecular distillation process very much like the process employed in distilling alcohol, whether it’s by legal means or moonshining.  Concentrate oil pre-extracted from cannabis plants is separated further to remove the stuff we don’t want ( impurities such as plant material and pesticides, if the plants have not been organically grown), and refine the stuff we want – cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

The potency will depend on the source origin, but if the concentrate has been extracted from full plants, and not from plant leftovers, and the flowers are of a very high grade, then the quality and potency will be of very high quality.  High-quality distillates will be the cleanest THC product available.

Purists may argue that it may be too clean because improving potency tends to decrease the terpene content of the final product.  Terpenes are the compounds that give the THC experience its traditional aroma and taste.  Oldtimers, for instance, may prefer the natural smells and tastes they long ago became accustomed to; but the more current enthusiasts who’ve grown up with the much different product of today (absent seeds and twigs that characterized the “pot” of old) and of a much higher potency may prefer the cleanliness of a good distillate.

THC Distillate

So, how do you use a THC distillate, and will it get you high?  We’ve already mentioned its potency, so the answer to the second part of the question is of course it will.  The first part of the question has a variety of answers.

 As for potency, and to keep the math easy, let’s assume the distillate is 99% pure, and a purity above 90% is common.  This means that a supply of a single gram will have 990 mg of activated THC.  That can translate into a lot of brownies and many high times.

It’s the most versatile of all THC products available today.  It is available in a syringe with a tip that makes it easy to dispense just a drop, whether that drop will be taken sublingually (under the tongue), or by adding a drop or two to your dab tool.  It’s both easy and convenient to add a drop to your morning smoothie, a cup of tea or coffee, or to a homemade salad dressing, a batch of cookies, or any other foodstuff of your choice.  The cannabis oil is already activated and ready to use, so you are limited only by the limits of your imagination.

Syringes come with a cartridge of the distillate, a viscous resin.  This form of delivery provides the user with greater control over where each drop goes.  Additionally, the syringe is re-usable with a new cartridge, and the swap-out is easy and quick.

For a THC distillate syringe in Canada, you can’t do better than the offerings of Salish Trails. They carry Matrix THC Distillate Syringes of 1000 mg of THC in a potent 92% of its content.

The amber-colored distillate oil can be ingested or smoked and is easily dispensed by drops you control.  Heating the syringe just a little bit to achieve the desired viscosity will give you absolute control of each drop’s destination.  The syringes come with a needle that will make filling a vape pen easy and accurate, also. 

To learn more about the Salish Trails distillate syringes, visit our website here.


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