What is Hash Rosin and How Can You Make it?

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In a sea of cannabis derivatives and cannabis-infused products, hash rosin or flower rosin appears unduly neglected.

Hash rosin has been a staple for decades and has been equally enjoyed along with other cannabis derivatives.

For this reason, we decided to tell you about hash rosin, what it is, and how it is made. Read on to find out about the entire process. 

What is It?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate packed with high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Given this information, be wise not to overuse it as it can cause unpleasant effects like anxiety, paranoia, etc.

The rosin has a honey-like color. It is a very thick, almost butter-like consistency and does not have many solvents. It is booming in Canada, The United States and making its way to Europe and Africa. Hash rosin is beloved for being entirely natural and organic, no contaminants included.

How is it Made?

Rosin is made by the process of fresh flower or flash-frozen heat press extraction. The extraction of this substance is encouraged by applying heat and pressure to the flower, hash, or the plant’s kief. The combination of heat and pressure causes the material to ooze this high-quality sap. To ensure that high-quality hash rosin is made, a two-filtering part of the process can be done to purify it.

Hash rosin is made by wrapping the flower/plant material in filter bags placed inside each other to have a refined product. Parchment paper can be used to help catch the oozing product that is then hot pressed with an iron for about five seconds, and voilà! You can store it in a jar after extraction.

Professionals with cutting-edge presses that can cost tens of thousands of dollars can increase their yields and achieve a higher quality of the product. This is because this process is done in a controlled environment. But even a regular hot press will give you decent outcomes.

What are the Different Types of Rosin?

Let’s dig into the different types of rosin:

  • Hash Rosin

Hash rosin comes after the second extraction from the flowers. It is a very pure and refined product. When smoked, it evaporates entirely as it does not contain any matter that cannot be vaporized.

  • Flower Rosin

Flower rosin is somewhat easier to make because it is usually the first stage to hash rosin. Making flower rosin is a straightforward process, but its quality depends on the quality of the plant you use, heat, and pressure, so the results and outcomes of the processing of flowers can vary greatly.

  • Live Rosin

Live rosin is made from frozen plant parts or flowers. The material is frozen for up to 24 hours and then extracted in the same process as other types of rosin. We hope you learned something new about different types of rosin and can now distinguish between the different types and their refinement. We recommend checking out our store and filtering through dozens of products, including hash rosin. We are sure there’s something perfectly fit for you there!