What Is Hash Rosin?

Fraser Valley Rosin

In the time of hippies and the Woodstock generation, hash was as prevalent as “pot,” although more expensive.  A small chunk would be cut from a block and smoked using your homemade pipe from a cardboard paper towel roll with a small hole covered by aluminum foil.  It was harsh and hot on the throat, but it did its job.  Many preferred it to “pot,” in fact.

My goodness, how things have changed. Just as the quality of cannabis has improved from the bags with seeds and twigs of yore to the clean flowers organically grown of today, hash has come a long way, too.

How is it Made?

Hashish, or hash, is made from the rosin of the cannabis plant.  It is dried and pressed into blocks and smoked, just as in the old days.  In today’s world, as in the past, Afghanistan remains one of the top producers of hashish in the world, although the title is currently held by Morocco.

Rosin is a solid form of resin, which is a secretion of plants often for protection after injury – think the pitch of a pine tree, for example.  Rosin becomes solid after its volatile components have been vaporized. 

High heat and great pressure are used with rosin to produce a solvent-free hash oil (SHO).  A rosin press can be used, but there are homemade products that can also do the job.  When processed correctly, the result is a golden yellow sap of very high potency.  The process is very quick and the product very clean 

SHO is distinguished from other hash oils in that it uses only heat and pressure.  BHO, on the other hand, uses butane in the process to remove cannabinoids from terpenes.  While the butane is later removed from the oil, there is inevitably some residual solvent that remains.   

With a flower of high quality, rosin production can result in a potency above 90%, while flower alone might reach only 30%.  Solvent-free and high potency makes it easy to understand the growing demand for hash rosin today.

Where Can You Buy Hash Rosin?

Where can you find high-quality hash rosin in Canada today?  Look no further than Salish Trails.  We carry Fraser Valley Rosin, an excellent product at a reasonable price.

It is processed naturally at high pressure and a temperature of 73 C, producing a clean and highly concentrated rosin that delivers on its potency promise to provide an enjoyable experience. This solvent-free product is offered from several strains, so you have the opportunity to sample a variety until you find the one you prefer.

You can consume the hash rosin just like any other concentrate, by smoking, and for the purist, it contains enough of a terpene presence to deliver the customary scent and taste.  

Select your strain, place your order, await a quick delivery, light up and enjoy with Salish Trails today.

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