What is HTFSE?

Matrix Terp Sauce HTFSE Syringe

If you’re looking to vape your stress away in these difficult times Salish Trails is the place to be. We’ve got all your cannabis needs in one place and plenty of delicious flavors for you to try in our HTFSE section. If you’re new to vaping, you’re probably wondering what’s HTFSE? High terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE). Like the allied High cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE), HTFSE is a 100% natural concentration of marijuana. HTFSE has a  have a stronger flavor, and  HCFSE has more medicinal value. It’s higher in cannabinoids, the individual compounds like THC provide medicinal benefits. 

Marijuana extraction artists get the HTFSE sauce from a single or selected plant, leaving the non-therapeutic molecules like fats, lipids, and waxes behind.  HTFSE has a terpene profile, and HCFSE has a high cannabinoid concentration.

The extract resembles crystallized sugar or diamonds. The sugar or diamonds are picked out to make HCFSE and the remaining sauce is HTFSE. The HTCSE is stronger than HTFSE since it would medically weaker, but more aromatic with flavor. Then the preservation of this concentrate will keep a higher percent of terpenes (13-40%) than the cannabinoid extraction.

The Extraction Process

The primary extraction process has four required components: pressure, sub-zero temperatures, a hydrocarbon solvent with a low-temperature boiling point, and a high-quality flower. The extraction artists use highly advanced specialized equipment to preserve the plant’s natural shape when they source the flower with a healthy oil and cannabinoid profile. To create a high-quality product, it’s important they need to keep the original material since most producers prefer premium fresh frozen cannabis flowers over dried, cured ones.

When the extraction artists extract the oil, they boil it under low temperatures to preserve the sensitive, volatile plant material. During this first extraction, they dewax it by stripping the non-valuable compounds from the concentrate (lipids, waxes, and fats). This makes it simpler and faster for the producers to separate the unwanted materials from the extraction under sub-zero temperatures.

Next up, they slowly add low heat to the process as they would split the solvent from the concentrate. It’s really important for their solvent choice since they needed the boiling point low enough that it will still save the valuable therapeutic substances in the sauce. The skilled extractors mine the choicest HTFSE diamonds within the full-spectrum concentrate. The crystallized molecules are the diamonds that are removed from a fresh frozen flower.  If the original material is high-quality, and the content’s higher for THCA, it will be easier for the diamonds to form.

The final concentrated end product has better flavor and smell and an improved therapeutic value.

Visit Salish Trails. We offer these three premium Matrix Extractions products: a Matrix Gold HTFSE 1.0 ML Vaping Oil Cartridge, a Matrix Stealth Plus Premium HTFSE Blend, Disposable Vaping Pen, and a Matrix Terp Sauce HTFSE Syringe.

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