What is the Difference Between AAAA Weed and AAA Weed?

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You do not have to be a weed expert to know that there are so many different varieties of cannabis. This is one of our favorite topics to discuss because we realize that the world of weed is getting increasingly complex.

New consumers and old alike are struggling to keep up with the complexity of this ever-expanding market, so we decided to clear up a few things about the grading of cannabis, especially the difference between the higher quality cannabis varieties.

The Cannabis Grading System

Believe it or not, a cannabis grading system exists. It was developed to make it easier for you to purchase weed. This system is used to ensure that you are aware of the quality and potency of the product you are buying and can be pretty helpful now that weed is getting legalized worldwide.

Did you know that Canada was the first country in the world to establish a weed grading system during the 1990s?  This system grades weed from A to AAAA+. We will keep it simple and use the traditional, more straightforward system that only goes to Quad A.  So, let’s examine the two most popular grades:

AAA weed

Triple A weed is widespread and easy to find in online stores and dispensaries, even though it is a high-quality weed.

The triple A weed buds are not as dense as the Quad A buds. The AAA weed can have some discoloration, and a trained eye will easily spot it upon closer inspection.

Triple A is usually high quality, but as we mentioned, some discoloration is possible. The Triple A is a trendy group of cannabis strains selling for as low as $5 per gram.

Among the plethora of strains, we would highlight Banana Punch and Death Bubba, but that’s just our preference, check out our store and feel free to explore for yourself.

AAAA weed

The Quad A type of weed is the ultimate quality of weed. Quad A weed strains are not as easy to find, and it is not that easy to distinguish them from Triple A. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Quad A is weed of supreme quality, so look for perfect color and dense buds; this separates it from the Triple A.

Some strains in the Quad A group are more potent than Triple A and can cost up to $230 per gram. Among the most beloved Quad A strains are the Grapefruit AAAA and Greasy Pink Death Bubba. These are loaded with a strong, pungent flavor and sophisticated aroma that will not leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

So have you tried any of these? We hope you learned something new about the weed grading system, so next time you buy, you can compare better and make an informed decision.  

Sometimes, the tiniest difference and aesthetics really make the most difference. Our website is here for you to explore and keep learning! We are sure we can accommodate your tastes.

AA and lower

These are like your sub-average crops that do not win any applause at the party. Still smokable, and maaaybe will get you high, but if you are in Canada then you don’t have to mess with those grades.