Where To Buy Phoenix Tears In Canada

phoenix tears

The Phoenix bird of Greek mythology was an immortal bird that regenerated itself by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.  Its tears had immense power capable of reviving a person from serious injury and even from the edge of death.  

It was that power to heal that gave reason to use the name Phoenix Tears to the development of cannabis oils that are believed to have similar healing powers.  It’s a sticky medicine that is purported to have cured people of cancer as well as a variety of other serious illnesses. 

Phoenix Tears is a strong, concentrated form of cannabis extract likened to such other concentrated cannabis products as hashish oils and distillates.  It is similarly already activated, meaning it does not need to be heated at the time of use.  This makes it easy to use as a sublingual application, and to add to your morning coffee or tea, on food, or to make your own edibles – think brownies, cookies, etc.  It will change the color and flavor to whatever it is added to, though. 

It was originally developed by Canadian engineer Rick Simpson as an alternative treatment for various ailments.  Simpson claimed the oil actually eliminated cancerous growths from his arms.  Phoenix Tears is also called RSO, for Rick Simpson Oil, and FECO, for fully-extracted cannabis oil.

Fully edible, Phoenix Tears is almost as potent as distillates and is easily made at home.  In fact, Simpson even made a video of the process and posted it to YouTube.  You can find that video, posted in 2014, here.

The Process

As you will see, the process is fairly straightforward and does not require any elaborate equipment.  You likely already have everything you need in your home but for the cannabis flowers needed to produce it.

So, where can you buy Phoenix Tears in Canada?  Check out Salish Trails, Which carries Matrix Phoenix Tears RSO.

It’s made with pure flower, and is free of solvents and pesticides, and can be taken orally or topically.  You’ll want to keep it stored in a cool, dark place, and use it within three months of opening the 1ml plastic syringe.  Each syringe contains over 500 mg of THC, providing enough for multiple treatments for what ails you. 

It is the THC that provides the therapeutic and medical benefits so often associated with its use and may provide help with such conditions as depression, insomnia, pain mitigation, and anxiety. The fact that it will also produce a nice buzz is a value-added benefit.

It’s reasonably priced for those 1ml syringes and their multiple treatments.  With good potency and good price-per-treatment value, Matrix Phoenix Tears RSO from Salish Trails will treat a wide variety of ailments.  You can find it here on the Salish Trails website for convenient online purchases and quick delivery.  

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