Why You Should Use A Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary

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A mail-order marijuana (MOM) dispensary is where you place an order through an online system for your cannabis wants/needs and it comes right to your door. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

You don’t ever have to visit a store in person again. The use of mail-order marijuana dispensaries are becoming increasingly common and so convenient and accessible for so many. These types of MOM dispensaries ensure that all the population has access to marijuana in a simple, convenient and educational way.

Reasons to use a MOM Dispensary

While there are hundreds of reasons why you should use a MOM dispensary, today we’re exploring 6.

1 Decrease Anxiety

Going out, and seeing people can be healthy for some, and unhealthy for others. If you’re someone who struggles with any form of anxiety, going to the dispensary yourself may very well be out of the question. If you are purchasing cannabis, maybe you have some questions or want to check out various strains and their effects. That kind of communication could heighten anxiety to the max. Using a MOM dispensary takes that all out of the question. You get to order your products from the comfort of your home, along with the goods being delivered right to your door.

2 Information

Mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries like ours have an incredible amount of information on our website. This is perfect for a new cannabis user, or someone looking to change things up. It’s important to know about the cannabis you are using. Learn about the THC levels, the CBD levels, what kind of strain it is, and what kind of effects you can expect. This can ease a lot of anxieties if you are a new cannabis user. Education is key.

3 Inventory

MOM dispensaries are big and typically have a large amount of stock. It is very different than visiting a store in person. You will be able to browse through hundreds of products/strains, and filter through so you are seeing ones that are relevant to your desires. If a product is out of stock, there is usually an email sign-up to be notified when it comes back, eliminating the anxiety of checking back again.

4 Serious Medical Concerns.

Some people use cannabis to treat very serious medical concerns, and maybe getting out to the store isn’t a possibility. MOM dispensaries are the way to go. All you have to do is put the order in and wait for it to come to your door.

5 Price

The average consumer is likely following a budget and/or counting pennies. Life is expensive. MOM dispensaries can offer high-quality bud, without the price tag attached. They offer an affordable option for people to shop for cannabis.

6 Support Local

MOM dispensaries buy their weed from local growers that grow and care for their weed to levels that government dispensaries can’t. So they buy a lot of stock and then sell it for a great price. Buying from a MOM dispensary means you’re supporting a local grower who is trying to make a living and support themselves, and maybe even their family. 

MOM dispensaries support the local and small growers. They provide hundreds of strains, products, and their price is way cheaper than the government dispensaries. It’s the perfect way to shop – check out what we can offer you here.


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