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Salish Trails carries Buzzed Extracts Diamond Caviar. This is a cannabis concentrate that is highly potent. The THC of this concentrate is usually around 80-90%. It is a combination of sauce and crystalline-based concentrates. 

This product does not contain any fillers or pesticides. This Diamond Caviar is also lab tested and stored in a glass container. Our Diamond Caviar can be smoked, vaped, or dabbed, depending on what your preference is. 

This cannabis concentrate is easy to consume, and effective quite immediately. That high you are searching for is in this high THC content. This Diamond Caviar is convenient. It is small and easy to add to your joints, your bowl, or your dab. They are very effective and will give you those weightless euphoric feelings you desire. Salish Trails provides only the highest quality cannabis concentrates and utilizes the utmost care and respect during their creation. Every step is followed perfectly to ensure the safety and quality of our concentrates. This highly potent concentrate is exactly what you’re looking for.