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Disposable Vape

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If you do not already have a disposable vape, you are missing out! Salish Trails has a great selection of disposable vapes. What is all the hype that surrounds them you ask? First, our disposable vapes come with a fully charged battery. You do not have to ever worry about it dying when you really need it. It also comes with an attached cartridge filled with one of our delicious cannabis products. 

Upon receiving it, it is literally ready to go for you. Our disposable vapes are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to toss in your bag on your travels. Our disposable vapes are easy to use. Simply, inhale on the mouthpiece and exhale the vapour. They are also maintenance-free and do not require any special cleaning. 

We offer various bundle packages and deals so you can get the most for your money. Vaping is a convenient way to consume cannabis and you are sure to find a product you love here. Convenient, discreet, and without the heavy odor of cannabis, does it really get much better than disposable vapes? We don’t think so!