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Phoenix Tears

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You have found our Phoenix Tears, and we are so excited you have! Matrix Extracts Phoenix Tears are of high quality and created with the utmost respect for the procedure, the creation, the cannabis, and you. 

With every step followed with immaculate details, you end up with an intensely beautiful cannabis concentrate, Phoenix Tears. Phoenix Tears are an incredibly potent cannabis extract. It is a thick and goopy texture that is dark coloured. Phoenix Tears are said to have healing properties and treat an array of medical conditions. 

The main way to enjoy Phoenix Tears is to put a drop under your tongue. There is an artery under your tongue that connects right to your brain and skips your stomach. Consuming it this way will allow for a nearly immediate effect. Salish Trails carry potent Phoenix Tears RSO. Phoenix Tears is a full - extract cannabis oil also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) named after its creator Rick Simpson. They can be used orally or topically. For example: if you have joint pain, using Phoenix Tears may be helpful in coping with the pain. 

Phoenix Tears come in 1 ml plastic syringes. They are also created without the use of pesticides or solvents. Salish Trails is confident you will love the effect of Phoenix Tears RSO.