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Tinctures have been in use for an exceptionally long time, and there are many reasons why people love them. Tinctures are an excellent way to consume without any smoke consumption. 

Cannabis tinctures, if stored correctly, last a long time. Using tinctures to experience your desired effects is an incredibly discreet tool. Everyone knows the smell of cannabis from a mile away. Using a tincture takes away all odours. 

Tinctures are also fast-acting and give nearly immediate effects when dropped under your tongue with the dropper. Tinctures come in a glass bottle with an easy-to-use applicator, making it easy to dose. 

All our tinctures are fast-acting and effective. Salish Trails is confident that you will fall in love with the world of cannabis tinctures.

Our Momma Canna Tinctures are created without the use of alcohol. It is created with 100% organic cold-pressed grapeseed oil. All tinctures are lab-tested to ensure top-notch quality.

We also carry Sunnyside Botanicals Full Spectrum Tincture which is organic and vegan. Check them out and let us know what you think!