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Terp Sauce

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Are you new to the experience of Terp Sauce? Never tried it before? You’ve come to the right place! Salish Trails carries only the best Terp Sauce around. Terp Sauce is a cannabis concentrate that is incredibly high in terpenes. Terp Sauce is made with a very precise extraction method.

Terp Sauce is packed with flavour. It is best enjoyed through dabbing. Our Terp Sauce comes with a free needle applicator, helping you to ensure adequate dosing and less spillage. Salish Trails Terp Sauce is 80% cannabinoid content and contains no fillers. 

We ensure the highest quality procedures with lab-guided formulations, to ensure the highest quality product. Rest assured that our Terp Sauce is exactly what you need to amplify your high. With a delicious taste and smooth therapeutic effects, our Terp Sauce is divine. Terp Sauce is the exact product you need to add to your experience and Salish Trails has the best options. Our Terp Sauce will not only amplify your high but also give you an entire, full-body experience that will have you falling in love with our product. To use it, simply inject it into your vape, dab it or put into your joints.