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Hash/Kief MIX 28

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Kief is all those tiny little crystals that cover cannabis flowers. If you have a 3-part grinder, it is the stuff that falls to the third part. Kief can be anywhere around 70% THC, and delivers a strong high, with much less smoking. 

It is pure, THC-containing trichomes. Trichomes secrete a sticky resin containing the terpenes and cannabinoids that help give cannabis its unique qualities. Kief is easy to use. Sprinkle over the top of your packed bowl for an extra punch on your hit. You can also sprinkle over your joint. The Kief will stick to the cannabis and give you an extra powerful high. 

Kief is also used to make hash and added to cannabutter to add potency. Kief is simple to use, and whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or a new one, Kief is a simple cannabis product to try. 

Salish Trails values quality, and our Kief is amazing. Coming in loose form, or as a Hash/Kief mix, Salish Trails offers various sizes for you to purchase and enjoy. Purchase enough to explore with, and maybe even make your own hash. Purchase our Hash/Kief mix to add incredible potency to your experience. Regardless of what you’re desiring, Salish Trails has you covered.