Bliss Daydream 1080mg THC Gummies


  • 9 pieces of cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each piece contains 120mg of THC
  • Package contains a total of 1080mg THC
  • Flavours include Blue Lemonade, Cherry, and Strawberry
  • Effects include a trippy high, altered sense of time, powerful relaxation, euphoria, couch-locked sedation, and intense munchies and drowsiness.
  • Recommended for experienced stoners with a high tolerance who desire a powerful, euphoric experience and plan to microdose starting at 10mg.
  • Tips for users include starting with one 10mg serving, having a sober companion, staying in a comfortable environment, and avoiding mixing with other substances.
  • The Bliss Daydream is available at Canadian dispensaries or through delivery services for those seeking an intense, unique high.
  • Cautionary advice to not schedule a busy day but rather plan for a fun, relaxed experience with the 1080mg THC Daydream, suggesting pairing it with brunch, music, and outdoor activities.

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