Buzzed Extracts Co2 Honey Oil Syringe

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  • 1ml (1.1g) Co2 Honey Oil in Glass Measured Syringe
  • Pure Co2 Extracted Cannabis Honey Oil
  • Natural Cannabis Terpenes
  • Buzzed Extracts Co2 Honey Oil Syringe is a pure product created through CO2 extraction.
  • The honey is exceptionally smooth and versatile, suitable for various uses.
  • A little goes a long way, so use it sparingly for a powerful experience.
  • It connects users to their emotions, enhancing moods and experiences.
  • Buzzed Extracts is more than a product; it’s a vibe and a moment.
  • It’s ideal for those looking to explore flavors, textures, and experiences.
  • The product is a fusion of nature and science, created with care and dedication.
  • Trust and belief in the quality of this honey oil are paramount.
  • CO2 extraction is a clean and efficient method for producing high-quality oil.
  • Proper storage in a cool, dark place is essential to maintain freshness.
  • The honey oil can be used in various ways, from drizzling over food to mixing into drinks.
  • Joining the Buzzed Extracts community allows for sharing recipes and stories.
  • Safety is crucial, and moderation is advised, especially for newcomers.
  • The journey with Buzzed Extracts is as exciting as the destination.
  • It’s not just about the buzz; it’s about the journey, community, and experiences.
  • Does NOT contain Vitamin E, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT or any other fillers.
  • 78% THC, 2% CBD, 0% CBN
  • Lab Tested
  • FREE Needle Applicator included in every package!
  • Looking for a Mix Pack? Try MIX 3, MIX 7, MIX 14 or MIX 28

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