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The Buzzed Extracts team has come up with a handy solution for storing all your concentrates! Check out the new Bumble Bee Dab Container from Buzzed Extracts. This silicone unit will handle all your butter, shatter or rosin no problem. The unique pattern lets you store as much as you need.

  • Buzzed Extracts Bumble Bee Dab Container
  • Store your wax and concentrates easily
  • Comes in Purple, Pink, Green or Grey
  • Comes with a handy steel dab tool, that fits perfectly inside the container eliminating dirt and dust collection.
  • 100% Food Grade non-stick silicone, BPA Free, FDA Approved
  • Easily squeeze open and pinch to close, lids are designed to stay on tight.
  • Easy to clean, freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe
  • Can be subjected to temperatures of 450 ºF without issues.
  • 3″x 3″x .75″ (7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2cm)

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