Kootenay Labs Cherry Oil 1g


  • Double Combo with Kootenay Labs Honey Oil
  • 1 gram Syringe
  • Made with Sativa and Indica Hybrid strains
  • Kootenay Labs Cherry Oil: Highly potent cannabis concentrate
  • Made from organic indica strain cherries in British Columbia
  • Fruity flavor from a blend of indica strains like Death Bubba, God Bud, and Granddaddy Purple
  • Full-spectrum extract for the entourage effect
  • Very potent, with THC ranging from 50% to 90%
  • Suitable for vape pens and dabbing
  • Solventless extraction method, no harsh chemicals
  • Ideal for nighttime use, helps with insomnia and pain
  • Child-resistant syringe for easy dosing and travel
  • Reddish tint, rich in terpenes, strong taste, and heavy edible buzz

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